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Hilinski’s Hope Foundation rebrands mental wellness week


May 25, 2023

Andrea AdelsonESPN Senior WriterMay 25, 2023, 06:30 PM2 Minute Study

The Hilinski’s Hope Foundation announced Thursday it has changed “College Football Mental Well being Week” to “Student Athlete Mental Well being Week,” a rebranding founders Mark and Kym Hilinski think superior serves their message: prioritizing mental wellness for all collegiate athletes.

The Hilinskis designed their foundation in 2018 soon after their son, Tyler, a quarterback for Washington State, died by suicide. As aspect of their efforts, they started “College Football Mental Well being Week,” initially reaching out to football applications to assist raise awareness and erase stigmas surrounding mental wellness since that is the sport their sons played.

But soon after speaking to athletic departments across the nation more than the final a number of years, they began to get the similar query: Do we have to play football to participate?

“We’ve normally been inclusive of all the student athletes out there,” Kym Hilinski told ESPN. “But some of the schools that did not have a football plan stated, ‘We want to be involved, as well,’ and we stated often just that name could perhaps be a deterrent for a college reaching out and we did not want that to come about at all. We did not want our student athletes, the coaches the Advertisements to consider that our week and what we had been placing with each other was not about all the student athletes.”

Now headed into Year four, “Student Athlete Mental Well being Week” initiatives will be featured Oct. 1-7, culminating on Globe Mental Well being Day on Oct. ten. These initiatives consist of participating in Hilinski’s Hope’s: On the web Mental Well being Course to assist minimize the stigma surrounding in search of assist, participating in social media campaigns, assessing how participating colleges and universities are following most effective practices with their mental wellness applications, and hosting talks and trainings on campus for players, coaches, and employees — all though honoring Tyler’s legacy.

Final year, 125 collegiate applications participated in initiatives throughout this distinct week. The Hilinski’s stated schools also designed their personal programming, which includes bringing in therapy dogs, further speakers or building group-distinct events.

“It evolved on these campuses, which is the complete point — to make it additional comfy to speak about,” Mark Hilinski stated. “We never want anyone to really feel they cannot participate. When you sit down and consider about it, we’re attempting to save the subsequent Tyler. So whether or not that is 135 schools subsequent year or 235 schools, the if we can get to that individual and let them know that it really is OK to ask for assist, then we’ve achieved one thing.”

Though the Hilinskis know there remains a great deal perform to be performed to assist raise awareness, a single of their quick-term objectives is to have schools in all 50 states participate throughout their specially designated week.

“Mark and I are not mental wellness experts. We companion with some excellent ones. We respect what they do,” Kym Hilinski stated. “Our job as we see it is to just clear that path for the student athletes so that they are capable to attain out and ask for assist. If this week is one thing that tends to make it a small bit a lot easier for them since they are all focusing on their mental wellness, that is what we’re attempting to do. Taking care of your mental wellness ought to never ever be a burden. It is your wellness.”