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How a great deal revenue do players win at the 2023 Women’s Globe Cup? – NBC six South Florida


Jun 7, 2023
How much money do players win at the 2023 Women’s World Cup? – NBC 6 South Florida

With the 2023 Women’s Globe Cup approaching comes an thrilling payday announcement.

FIFA announced on Wednesday that all 732 players participating in the prestigious occasion will get paid straight regardless of the outcome.

Not only will every single player reap the rewards, the total prize revenue fund this year is a lot more than 3 occasions a lot more than the 2023 Women’s Globe Cup total.

With the action set to kick off in July in Australia and New Zealand, let’s break down the tournament’s prize revenue:

How a great deal revenue do players at the Women’s Globe Cup get paid?

Every single player that participates in the Globe Cup will get paid at least $30,000.

How a great deal revenue do players on the winning Women’s Globe Cup group get paid?

All players on the winning group will every single get $270,000.

What is the Women’s Globe Cup total prize revenue pool?

The total purse for the Globe Cup this year is $110 million.

This signifies that a lot more than half of FIFA’s total prize revenue fund will be awarded to players in the 32 group squads.

How a great deal does the winning Women’s Globe Cup nation get?

FIFA will be awarding the title-winning nation $ten.five million. Of that sum, $six.21 million will be distributed to players with the remaining $four.29 provided to the federation.

Exactly where do some of the other Women’s Globe Cup funds go?

FIFA distributed $30.7 million to aid teams prepare for the occasion.

The clubs that these Globe Cup players left to compete on the national stage will also get everyday-price payouts from a $11.five million fund.

What was the men’s 2022 Globe Cup in Qatar prize revenue?

The total purse at the men’s tournament was $440 million.

According to FIFA president Gianni Infantino, the hope is that males and ladies will get equal prize revenue at their subsequent Globe Cups in 2026 and 2027, respectively.

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