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How healthful is your county compared to the rest of Massachusetts?


Mar 30, 2023

Some excellent news for Bay Staters — the University of Wisconsin’s 2023 rankings of the healthiest counties in the U.S. show that Massachusetts residents on typical have drastically far better wellness outcomes than a majority of the nation.

That stated, the rankings also show that individuals in some Massachusetts counties are drastically healthier than these in other folks.

Massachusetts counties ranked by wellness:

  • Nantucket
  • Middlesex
  • Norfolk
  • Dukes
  • Hampshire
  • Plymouth
  • Essex
  • Franklin
  • Barnstable
  •  Worcester
  •  Suffolk
  •  Bristol
  •  Berkshire
  •  Hampden
  • The University of Wisconsin ranked Massachusetts counties by how healthful their residents are. – countyhealthrankings.org

    Why some counties are healthier than other folks

    When it is tough to pinpoint specifically what is causing particular counties to have far better wellness outcomes than other folks, when comparing the best two healthiest counties in the state to the bottom two, the study had a lot of telling findings.

    The starkest distinction by far was the price of premature deaths. The study located that Hampden and Berkshire Counties have around double the price of premature deaths of Nantucket and Middlesex Counties.

    Furthermore, individuals in Berkshire and Hampden Counties report getting notably greater prices of poor physical and mental wellness days than individuals in Nantucket and Middlesex Counties.

    When there was substantial variation amongst all Massachusetts counties in regards to the “health behaviors” the study took into account, the study shows some constant variations among the two best and two bottom counties. The bottom two counties each had notably greater prices of adult smoking, physical inactivity, and teen births than the best two.

    Socioeconomic variables

    Socioeconomic variables that have an effect on wellness outcomes have been also regularly various among the two best and two bottom Massachusetts counties, the study located.

    Most notably, the study located that the kid poverty prices in the bottom two counties have been a lot more than double that of the best two counties, with Hampden County getting a drastically greater price than the nation on typical. When the nation on typical has a kid poverty price of 17%, Hampden County was located to have a shocking price of 25%.

    This could be associated to the reality that the bottom two counties have been also located to have drastically greater prices of young children in single-parent households.

    Some other notable socioeconomic variations the study located contain the best two counties getting a lot greater prices of college attendance and a lot reduce prices of injury-associated deaths.

    Massachusetts ranks hugely on access to healthcare

    Even though the study located that wellness outcomes have been drastically far better in particular Massachusetts counties, the state as a complete performed very nicely in comparison to the nation on typical in regards to healthcare access.

    The study located two main variables that contribute to this.

    Firstly, Massachusetts was located to have a drastically reduce price of uninsured residents than the nation on typical, at three% and ten%, respectively. This is most likely due to the state’s higher typical earnings and the reality that MassHealth is obtainable to each low and some middle earnings residents.

    Secondly, medical doctors in Massachusetts have been located to be accountable for fewer individuals that medical doctors nationwide, and therefore have a lot more availability and can invest a lot more time on each and every patient.

    This was located to be constant across all varieties of healthcare specialists, from principal care medical doctors to dentists to mental wellness specialists.

    Massachusetts residents are healthier general

    But Massachusetts residents also look to behave a lot more healthfully than the nation on typical. The study located that we have drastically reduce prices of adult smokers, obesity, sexually transmitted infections, and teen births.

    Massachusetts also performed nicely compared to the rest of the nation in a lot of other locations. The study located that we have drastically greater prices of college attendance and voter turnout, and drastically reduce prices of kid poverty, injury-associated deaths, homicides, suicides, firearm deaths, automobile crash deaths, and air pollution.

    The only locations exactly where Massachusetts performed drastically worse than the nation on typical was in regards to preventable hospital stays, alcohol-associated automobile crash deaths, and earnings inequality.

    With all that in thoughts, it is not surprising that the study located that Massachusetts has a a lot reduce price of premature deaths than the nation on typical.


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