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If you want to be in the pizza company, make you have got the sauce appropriate, Sugo Mio’s owner says


Jun 7, 2023
If you want to be in the pizza business, make you’ve got the sauce right, Sugo Mio’s owner says

Business enterprise: Sugo Mio Pizza &amp Pasta

Address: 541 W. 87th St., Naperville

Telephone/web page: 630-983-8414, www.sugomiopizzaandpasta.com

Owner: Joe Gambino, 47, of Oswego

Years in company: four

What does your company do? “We are a carryout only, neighborhood pizza spot. … The neighborhood supports Zeppe’s (Italian Marketplace in the similar strip mall) a ton,” Gambino mentioned.

How lengthy have you owned Zeppe’s? “Twenty years in November.”

What does Sugo Mio translate to? “My sauce. It all stems from Zeppe’s Italian Marketplace. … I had this vision that I was going to sell sauce like my ‘nonna,’ my grandmother, cooked on Sundays. … My really 1st batch turned into Zeppe’s Sauce. … I do not make sauce off an index card. I make it ‘a small bit of this, a small bit of that.’ … Without having the sauce that we sell at Zeppe’s, there’d be no Zeppe’s. … When I came (to Sugo Mio), I hoped to get fortunate and knock my 1st batch out of the park. It took me nine batches right here.”

Nine? “Nine 50-quart batches to make it specifically the similar each and every time. At Zeppe’s, I did it in 1. Sugo, I was becoming truly picky. … I had a vision of what I wanted my sauce and my dough to be like. We brought that tavern-style thin crust pizza right here.”

Joe Gambino adds sausage to a pizza his making at his carry-out/online delivery restaurant, Sugo Mio Pizza & Pasta, located on 87th Street in a residential neighborhood in Naperville.

Thin crust or deep dish? “I travel a lot. People today hear I personal a pizza spot. I’ll say that most Chicagoans do not consume the tourist pizza. I’m not saying we do not have (deep dish) after in a although, but most Chicagoans (favor) thin crust tavern-style reduce in squares.”

What tends to make your pizza particular? “We use true higher-finish mozzarella cheese. I only use the most effective tomatoes. … I attempt to not compromise my item. … Ninety-5 % of our sales is normal thin crust pizza. I like sausage, mushroom and onion on mine. … We have a 40-year-old brick oven. I enjoy this oven. It is wonderful. … We use the similar sausage we sell at Zeppe’s. … I only use fresh components. No frozen vegetables.”

What’s the back story? “This was referred to as Pieroni’s Pizza more than 30 years. I purchased this spot 4 years ago.”

Do you provide? “Only if they order on the net.”

How did the virus effect your company? “COVID-19 did a quantity on each companies. Zeppe’s, we have been truly busy, but truly strained. Only 5 workers, we have been private shoppers. Run ragged. … Business enterprise was terrible (at Sugo). How a lot of restaurants closed? People today say, ‘During COVID-19, you have to have killed it.’ No. … Supplies expense a lot more and people today have been not carrying out carryout in the starting (of the pandemic).”

What do you like most effective? “I’m a people today particular person. I get enjoyment, like a lot of my Italian ancestors, out of seeing people today appreciate my meals. I do not do any marketing. We are a word-of-mouth sort of spot. That is the slowest way to create a company, but it is the most effective.”

Any negatives? “Many, a lot of hours. Employee concerns continuously. … I’m 1 particular person with numerous companies. I have to cover right here, cover there. … I brought a new idea in. … For all the people today who enjoy us, there have been some trolls.”

What challenges did you face? “Taking more than a company, but I’ve been carrying out this for 30-plus years, operating my personal compact companies.”

Joe Gambino opened Sugo Mio in Naperville fours years ago. It’s a few doors down from Zeppe’s Italian Market, which he also owns.

When are you busy? “Fridays and Saturdays.”

Do you sell deep dish pizza? “We do not. We do a stuffed pizza, but 95 % is thin crust.”

At what temperature do you bake a pizza? “I go with 525 (degrees). Our pizzas are prepared in eight to nine minutes.”

Do you have any favourite stories? “There are so a lot of stories in my head. … I sell my frozen pizzas at Zeppe’s. … A client comes in and says, ‘Joe, you have excellent pizza right here, but I’ve got to inform you, there’s a spot I acquire frozen pizza at that is improved than your pizza.’ I asked exactly where. He mentioned, ‘It’s Zeppe’s. They sell pizzas that are so excellent.’ I mentioned, ‘Those are my pizzas.’

“We also have a gentleman each and every Thursday at six o’clock who orders a 12-inch, all-sausage, half-mushroom pizza. I enjoy that.”

Is this place excellent for company? “I enjoy becoming in a neighborhood. I’d take this more than becoming on Route 59 or 75th Street.”

What’s your suggestions for somebody beginning a company? “Do your investigation. Do not concentrate on just the notion or item. Have an understanding of there’s going to be complications. Attempt to be the most effective dilemma-solver you can be. A dilemma-solver is the most effective businessman. Period.”

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Steve Metsch is a freelance reporter for the Naperville Sun.

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