• Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

Israeli Assault on Rafah Sparks Alarm, and Promises of Safe Passage for Civilians


Feb 11, 2024
Netanyahu pledges a safe passage for civilians in Rafah amid repeated night bombings

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, recently declared that the Israeli army will ensure safe passage for civilians in Rafah, a city in southern Gaza. He emphasized that this is necessary to defeat Hamas and that victory is within reach. In an interview with ABC News, he stated that a detailed plan is being developed to facilitate the safe exit of civilians from the area.

Meanwhile, Gaza authorities have warned of potential casualties if an attack on Rafah takes place. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borell has also expressed concerns about a humanitarian catastrophe. Al Jazeera reported that 25 people died in an Israeli attack east of Rafah, with additional injuries and a building being hit.

The situation in Rafah has sparked significant international alarm, with many expressing concerns about the potential impact on civilians. The Israeli government’s assurance of safe passage for civilians is being closely monitored as the planned assault on Rafah unfolds.

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