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Israel’s Economy Minister Nir Barkat Calls for Boycott of Israeli Food Giant Strauss over Unfair Price Hikes

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Nir Barkat Urges Public to Boycott Strauss, a Major Food Company in Israel

Israel’s Economy Minister Nir Barkat has called for a boycott of Israeli food giant Strauss due to the company’s failure to meet its commitments to freeze prices amidst a noticeable increase in the cost of living. The Strauss Group, which started as a small dairy producer in Nahariya in 1939, has grown into one of Israel’s largest food manufacturers, employing around 12,000 workers, with 6,500 based in Israel.

In response to this call, Barkat announced the inclusion of a black sticker on products that have increased their prices during the ongoing war without government approval. He emphasized that companies that take advantage of consumers during times of economic hardship should be punished. By placing companies on the economic blacklist/whitelist, the government aims to protect consumers from unfair price hikes and hold businesses accountable for their actions.

Barkat also called for a boycott of Osem, another food company, for similar reasons. He stated that companies that fail to fulfill their promises to consumers should not be allowed to profit from the current economic climate. The government is taking steps to ensure that consumers are not taken advantage of during these challenging times.

The Strauss Group has been accused of raising prices while distributing hundreds of millions of dollars in profits to its shareholders. Barkat criticized the company for continuing to do so while failing to meet its commitments to consumers. In addition, he pointed out that Strauss complains about financial difficulties but fails to address its own actions that contribute to those difficulties.

Overall, Barkat’s call for a boycott highlights the importance of holding companies accountable for their actions during times of economic hardship. It sends a clear message that businesses must prioritize consumer needs over their own profits if they want to remain successful in the long run.

With rising costs and inflation becoming more prevalent worldwide, it is crucial for governments and businesses alike to take measures towards protecting consumers from price gouging. By placing companies on an economic blacklist/whitelist and encouraging consumers to boycott those who do not fulfill their commitments, Barkat is setting an example for other countries around the world on how best practices can be implemented when dealing with such situations.

By Samantha Nguyen

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