• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Jerry Jones defends NFL’s selection to embrace artificial turf


Sep 18, 2023
Jerry Jones defends NFL’s selection to embrace artificial turf

Players have a clear preference for grass more than turf, each usually and especially. Regardless of this, there has but to be a present player who has expressed a preference for artificial turf more than true grass. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott not too long ago attributed his broken ankle in 2020 to the turf at AT&ampT Stadium, emphasizing his preference for organic grass.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was questioned about this situation following the team’s 30-ten victory more than the Jets. He stated that they will continue to evaluate the influence of grass on injuries, drawing from his knowledge serving on different committees more than the span of 30 years. Though the answer appears clear, Jones suggests that it might not be so simple.

The NFL has a tendency to obscure the clear, particularly when it comes to saving cash. Jones requires benefit of a playing surface that enables for rapid and quick transformations for other events, which produce income in the course of the lots of days when the Cowboys are not using the stadium.

One particular of the NFL’s weaker arguments for much less-protected playing surfaces is their willingness to comply with FIFA’s requirements and set up a grass pitch for Planet Cup soccer. Surprisingly, Jones was not asked about this in the course of the current questioning. It might be important for him to address why he is prepared to invest in a grass field for non-employee players, when the players themselves express a preference for playing on organic grass.

General, the overwhelming want amongst players for grass fields and the monetary motivations of owners like Jerry Jones to use artificial turf make a contentious debate in the realm of NFL playing surfaces.