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JetBlue Embraces Dynamic Pricing for Checked Bag Fees: A Departure from Traditional Fixed Pricing Model

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 3, 2024
Extra fees for checked bags on JetBlue this summer

JetBlue is following suit with other major carriers like United and American Airlines by introducing dynamic pricing for checked bag fees. Passengers traveling during peak seasons will now incur an additional $5 for their first checked bag and $10 for a second bag. This move marks a departure from the traditional fixed pricing model seen in the airline industry.

JetBlue’s website now provides information on how prices for checked bags vary depending on the time of year, destination, and whether bags are included at booking. Peak seasons for increased checked bag fees include dates in April and the summer months, as well as around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Additionally, fees are higher for transatlantic flights compared to domestic routes.

Dynamic pricing for ancillary fees like checked baggage is more commonly seen among European budget airlines such as easyJet and Ryanair, which vary checked bag fees depending on factors such as route, flight, and time of booking. This pricing model enables airlines to adjust fees based on demand and maximize revenue. JetBlue’s adoption of dynamic pricing for checked bags reflects a growing trend in the airline industry towards more flexible pricing structures.

Passengers who forget to add checked baggage 24 hours before a flight will incur an extra $10 charge on domestic flights. The introduction of dynamic pricing for checked bag fees allows JetBlue to better manage its inventory while providing more flexibility to passengers during peak travel seasons.

By Samantha Nguyen

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