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LASIK surgery patient feels valued at Sanford Overall health


Mar 16, 2023

Ahead of LASIK surgery, if Kimberlee Gonsor didn’t have her glasses, she couldn’t see.

She had the process on her radar for a although, but wanted to make confident whoever she got it from was the suitable match.

And she did her analysis.

Gonsor’s stomping grounds are in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She has co-workers in town who’ve had LASIK eye surgery performed. She picked their brains and discovered quite a great deal every thing there is to know. Cost, duration, providers, and so on. You name it, she knew it.

Getting Sanford Overall health

Even so, she had never ever definitely looked at getting this process performed at Sanford Overall health.

That changed when she brought her daughter in to see Dr. Geoffrey Tufty, a pediatric ophthalmologist at Sanford Overall health. She met with Dr. Tufty and asked about LASIK surgery at Sanford. She asked issues like exactly where it would take location, how a great deal it would expense, but also who would do it.

Dr. Tufty advised Gonsor see Dr. Andrew Ollerton, an ophthalmologist and ophthalmic surgeon.

“I asked Dr. Tufty about LASIK and the doctor and he stated that his mom had had cataract surgery with Dr. Ollerton and that she was definitely impressed with him, specially now that she has to see the dust in her residence,” she laughed.

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Gonsor kept this in the back of her brain and mulled every thing more than. She stated she wanted to give it far more believed ahead of deciding.

She ended up reading Janelle Peterson’s LASIK procedure story at Sanford Overall health. The firsthand testimonial – and understanding even far more about Dr. Ollerton at a further 1 of her daughter’s verify-ups – had been huge variables in her selection.

“I waited till we saw Dr. Tufty once more and asked him once more about Dr. Ollerton. He stated the exact same issue with even far more compliments,” she stated.

Feeling valued

Gonsor set up an initial screening with Dr. Ollerton. It was at that screening exactly where she knew she created the suitable decision.

“I chosen Dr. Ollerton when a nurse walked into the exam area for the duration of my screening and talked about that Dr. Ollerton is ‘very thorough,’ and that is anything you specially want when it comes to your eyes. Not a person that is attempting to do as a lot of surgeries as doable to make a profit,” Gonsor stated.

Gonsor often felt like she had a say in her care. She also stated she often felt valued.

“Before going with Dr. Ollerton, I looked at a unique location across town. I felt like I was just a further quantity for them to make funds,” she stated.

She stated it is quick to see how a great deal Dr. Ollerton cares about every and every single patient.

“I was impressed with numerous issues that Dr. Ollerton did differently. 1st, he double checked my prescription prior to surgery to make confident it was appropriate. Just after the surgery, he placed contacts on my eyes to make confident the flap does not move till my subsequent appointment the subsequent day. And, third, he prescribed me some prednisone drops which helped with inflammation, and, I think, also helped with discomfort as I had certainly no discomfort right after the process. He also had numerous comply with-up appointments,” stated Gonsor.

“I have the utmost self-confidence and respect in Dr. Ollerton. He did an superb job and I will go to him in the future if required.”

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