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Lawsuit Filed Against Ohio Over Ban on Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender Youth: A Fight for Equality Continues

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Lawsuit filed against Ohio for restricting health care options for transgender youth

In an effort to protect the rights of transgender youth, the ACLU of Ohio has filed a lawsuit against the state over House Bill 68. The ban on gender-affirming care for transgender youth is set to become law in less than a month, and the ACLU believes it is cruel, not based on science, and unconstitutional.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday afternoon in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas on behalf of two 12-year-old transgender girls and their families, one from Hamilton County and one from Franklin County. The plaintiffs argue that HB 68 goes against the Ohio Constitution by breaking a single-subject rule for legislation and discriminating against trans minors, among other claims. In addition to banning transition treatment, HB 68 prevents them from participating on youth teams that align with their gender identity.

The ACLU has been vocal about its opposition to HB 68 since its passage. Legal Director Freda Levenson stated that the ban is cruel and unconstitutional, citing concerns about Obamacare restricting health care choices more than a dozen years ago as well as major American medical associations backing puberty blockers and other treatments for trans youth. Levenson emphasized that these interventions are standard of care treatments and are the only effective interventions for transgender youth.

Representative Gary Click (R-Vickery) played a significant role in HB 68’s passage and knew a lawsuit would materialize. He stated that he had known since he began working on the bill that there would be legal challenges but believed they would not stand much chance in court. Gov. Mike DeWine vetoed HB 68 late last year, but almost all GOP lawmakers voted during sessions of the Ohio House and Senate to override that veto in January. Click believes other courts in other states have sustained similar laws, but he remains confident that this particular case will be heard in court soon.

Overall, this lawsuit highlights the ongoing battle for equality for transgender individuals in Ohio and across the country. While this case may face challenges, it serves as an important reminder that we must continue to fight for justice for all individuals regardless of their gender identity or expression.

By Samantha Nguyen

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