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Lost your Samsung smartphone? Here’s how to locate it

BySamantha Nguyen

Jun 11, 2024
Lost your Samsung smartphone? Here’s how to locate it

In the Samsung Find app, users have the ability to invite family members to view the location or play ringtones on shared devices in order to locate them. For the best chance of finding lost devices using Samsung Find, users can remotely activate Power Saving mode to extend battery life. This can be done through the ‘Settings’ > ‘Security and Privacy’ > ‘Lost device protection’ menu.

The “Security and Privacy” control panel in the Samsung Find app allows users to fully manage their data, including determining who can see the data and how it is used. This interface provides an easy way to view, create, and update application permissions, controls, and data sharing features. Users can also see data that may be at risk and the safety status of security items in one simple interface.

Within the ‘Security and Privacy’ control panel, users can change settings and manage potential security hazards, such as device loss protection with Find My Mobile, app security, account security, and updates. These items are prioritized based on the functions that may have the most significant impact on online safety, with color alerts indicating the presence of security issues.

Galaxy devices have a feature that deauthorizes apps that have not been used for a certain period of time, but users can turn permissions back on through the control panel. In the ‘Permission Manager’ and ‘Permission Usage’ sections, users can easily see which applications have access to their data and the context of that access. This feature also allows users to see recently used permissions and which applications have used specific permissions within the last 24 hours or 7 days.

To access and adjust settings within the ‘Security and Privacy’ control panel, users can go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Security and Privacy’. Additional features can be adjusted to enhance device privacy, such as enabling or disabling the Clipboard Access feature. By enabling this feature, users will receive a notification each time an application accesses their clipboard.

By Samantha Nguyen

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