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Lufthansa and AUA Workers Stage Union Strike Amidst Dispute over Collective Bargaining Agreement: The Battle for Fair Pay in the Airline Industry

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Lufthansa aims to relegate AUA to a low-cost carrier

The ongoing dispute over the Collective Bargaining Agreement at AUA has resulted in flight cancellations over Easter. Annette Mann, chairwoman of the AUA board, described the demands of the Vida union as “absolutely unrealistic.” In response, Vida Chairman Roman Hebenstreit criticized the AUA and Lufthansa-Group in an interview with Ö1 Morning Journal.

Hebenstreit apologized to air travelers for the disruptions over Easter but also pointed out that management at Lufthansa and AUA are collecting bonuses while withholding wage components from employees. He emphasized the need to address pay inequalities between Lufthansa and AUA, citing a 40 percent difference.

Hebenstreit responded to accusations that the Vida union’s strikes and demands could endanger the industry by saying that the profits of Lufthansa Group should not come at the expense of AUA employees. He criticized Vienna Airport AG for suggesting that union demands could harm industry recovery.

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As for continued discussions with AUA board chairwoman Annette Mann, Hebenstreit expressed interest but only if negotiations would focus on addressing wage disparities between Lufthansa and AUA.

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By Samantha Nguyen

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