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Maksimir Match Decides Championship: Who Will Triumph and By How Much


Nov 21, 2023

Croatia is on the brink of qualifying for the European Championship. Two years ago, they beat Russia in a rain-soaked match at Poljud and qualified for the World Cup in Qatar. Two years earlier, they won against Slovakia in Rujevica and won the Euro. Tonight at 8:45 p.m., Vatreni will play a decisive match for qualifying for the Euros in Germany. A win brings them a visa, but even a draw, if the result from the match between Wales and Turkey matches, can secure their spot in the tournament. No less important, if they finish first in their group with a win against Armenia and a Welsh defeat of Turkey, they can host the Euros themselves.

The stage is set at Maksimir stadium, where Luka Modrić is expected to play his last match before retiring from international soccer. This will be witnessed by more than 20 thousand fans who are eager to push their beloved “firemen” to victory and qualify for the Euros once again. We want to hear your thoughts on what will happen tonight – will Croatia celebrate lightly or can the Armenians shock us? Take our survey now!

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