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Male-created technologies is ruining women’s lives – we will need a Bumble revolution


Mar 15, 2023

We will need to design and style technologies greater in the 1st spot.

The 1 tactic that hasn’t been broadly applied, which is each startlingly uncomplicated and seemingly not possible, is to have a lot more ladies coding, designing and in leadership roles at the businesses who make these tools. As extended as choices in technologies design and style are in the hands of a pick couple of, there will be groups of individuals left behind. Females are a fairly massive group to be underrepresented in the sector.


Although males can (and must) speak up, obtaining ladies in the area is crucial – and it has to be numerous ladies, some of them in tech leadership roles.

We all draw on our personal practical experience when we design and style, and ladies are a lot more probably to have had several unfavorable experiences on the net. These experiences should be taken into consideration when designing new items.

Bumble is the best instance of this. The lady-led firm created a dating app that is broadly touted as obtaining women’s security, enjoyment and results constructed into the design and style. Females should get started the conversation with a prospective date, which signifies they set the tone. It is a guiding principle, not an afterthought.

Sadly, Bumble is the exception rather than the rule. The tech business is notoriously unfriendly to ladies, and ladies beginning their personal tech businesses face higher barriers to accessing venture capital funding. Females did make up about 25 per cent of tech-focused staff in the massive tech businesses who report on these figures: Apple, Google and Microsoft and Amazon. How these numbers have been impacted by current mass layoffs is however to be observed.


None of these reports address the quantity of ladies in technologies leadership roles. We know this is crucial to making certain women’s voices are heard when design and style choices are created. Getting a junior lady in a roomful of a lot more senior males tends to make it incredibly complicated to speak up about the pitfalls of a technologies the rest of the group is excited about, and even a lot more complicated to get these issues taken seriously.

When tech businesses report on diversity information publicly, they move the dial. Google, Microsoft, Apple and Meta have all improved the quantity of ladies in tech roles substantially in the time they have been reporting. There are a third a lot more ladies in tech roles now than seven years ago.

It is time to hold tech businesses accountable and demand them to report on not just the quantity of ladies in tech roles, but these in technologies-certain leadership as properly.

In the end, it is an affordable and good step that could go some way to make sure the AirTag cannot be applied to track ladies fleeing domestic violence and Jacinda Ardern’s daughter is secure in her bed.

Dr Dana McKay is a senior lecturer in revolutionary technologies at RMIT.

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