• Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

MMA World Reacts to Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl Victory: From Derek Brunson’s Disappointment to Nate Diaz’s Vocal Outburst


Feb 12, 2024
MMA Fans Question Lack of UFC 300 Main Event Announcement Amid Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Win

The Kansas City Chiefs are once again Super Bowl champions and the MMA world is reacting. On Sunday night, the Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 22-19 in an overtime game for the ages. Patrick Mahomes threw for 333 yards and the game-winning touchdown and the MMA world was watching, with several prominent figures rooting the Chiefs on and a few other notable fighters with a less charitable viewing of the event.

The MMA community is reacting differently to this year’s Super Bowl matchup. Derek Brunson, a fighter from California, expressed his disappointment that rumors of a UFC 300 main event fight announcement did not come to fruition. Instead, UFC 300 remains without a main event.

Nate Diaz, a Stockton native who has become increasingly vocal in his displeasure with his fellow Californians falling short of victory, was particularly vociferous in his reaction to the game’s outcome. Meanwhile, other fighters like Kyle Shanahan and Raquel Pennington expressed their excitement about the game despite their own personal views on it.

Travis Kelce owes Andy Reid a huge apology according to Derek Brunson as he expresses his disappointment with his team’s performance during regular season but impressed him during postseason games. Billy Quarantillo also shared his thoughts on the matchup by saying that if y’all thought

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