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Motives to Stay Optimistic About Britain’s Economy


Sep 17, 2023
Motives to Stay Optimistic About Britain’s Economy

The second bit of superior news issues the Labour Celebration. In an interview with this newspaper, the shadow chancellor, Rachel Reeves, ruled out increases in the top rated price of revenue tax and capital gains tax and mentioned that Labour would not introduce a wealth tax or a mansion tax. Furthermore, she mentioned that the all round tax burden was higher adequate. Any spending initiatives that Labour ministers wanted to push by way of would have to be financed by economies identified elsewhere.

Beyond the quick years, greater government spending would only be produced feasible by the greater tax receipts that would come from financial development. Get in touch with me naive, if you like, but I believed this was a breath of fresh air. Admittedly, how on earth such a prospect would be accepted by the Labour Celebration is 1 be concerned.

Angela Rayner’s remarks to the TUC final week are an additional. She mentioned that a Labour government would repeal lately enacted laws restricting strikes. That produced my heart sink. But maybe we must regard Ms. Rayner as the John Prescott of our instances and not presume that what she says will grow to be Labour policy.

I believed that Rachel Reeves’ remarks have been extremely substantial. As we move towards the subsequent election, if the perception have been to develop that a Labour government would impose swingeing tax increases, it wouldn’t only be wealthy people today who would be impacted. There would be an exodus of capital and a waning of self-assurance in each the UK economy and UK assets. Never ever thoughts what this would have carried out for a new Labour government. It would also have produced issues tricky for the existing Conservative government.

As it is, it appears as although we are going to have broad agreement that tax prices and the tax burden are lots higher adequate. Cynics will say that this is only simply because a Conservative government has followed socialist policies, such as socialist tax prices. But keep in mind exactly where the Labour Celebration has come from all as well lately. The concept that a Labour government will not be imposing greater tax prices is a superior start out. It will deliver the basis for a debate about the genuinely crucial topic, namely how we can get decent financial development.

Roger Bootle is senior independent adviser to Capital Economics.

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