• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

NBC Sports Names Geno Smith as Standout of Week two


Sep 19, 2023
NBC Sports Names Geno Smith as Standout of Week two

Geno Smith has confirmed himself to be the best quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks at this moment in his life and in the franchise’s history. Not only does he possess precious leadership qualities, as discussed later in this column, but he also possesses the abilities to execute on the field. In reality, in his initially 20 begins with the group, Smith has matched Russell Wilson’s overall performance in his final 20 begins with the Seahawks.

Through a current victory more than the Detroit Lions, Smith demonstrated his potential to lead and inspire his teammates. Immediately after a disappointing loss to the Los Angeles Rams in their season-opener, Smith, along with teammate Bobby Wagner, addressed the group. Wagner emphasized the significance of playing with self-assurance and swagger, whilst Smith stressed the need to have to stay connected as a group and play for 1 a different. Smith acknowledged that this was only their second game with each other and that they have been nonetheless finding out about every single other. One particular of Smith’s essential messages to his teammates was to retain composure all through the game, encouraging them to take deep breaths and remain relaxed in order to execute plays successfully. Smith assumed the function of the “thermometer” in the huddle, guaranteeing that absolutely everyone remained calm and focused on their tasks. This level-headedness proved essential throughout the game-winning drive in overtime, exactly where Smith could really feel the self-assurance surging by means of the group, eventually major them to victory. His enthusiasm and passion for the game make him an invaluable asset to any group.

In conclusion, Geno Smith’s overall performance as the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks speaks for itself. Not only does he possess the statistical prowess to rival the likes of Russell Wilson, but he also possesses intangible qualities that elevate his worth as a leader on and off the field. Smith’s potential to retain composure and inspire his teammates is what sets him apart, and it is by means of moments like the game-clinching drive in overtime that his correct possible shines. With Smith at the helm, the Seahawks can be confident in their potential to overcome any challenge and accomplish accomplishment.