• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Netanyahu Stands Firm on Ending Hamas, Despite Possible Release of Hostages


Nov 22, 2023

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that the release of hostages taken by Hamas will not be the end of Israel’s military campaign against Palestinian militia structures in Gaza. He stated that the war has stages and that the prisoners will be released in stages, with those who do not return to their homes immediately being visited by Red Cross personnel.

The Israeli Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, echoed Netanyahu’s statement and stressed that the Army will continue fighting “with all its forces” once the prisoner exchange agreement is completed. While some members of the Israeli government are in favor of this agreement, others have warned that it could lead to a disaster for the country.

Speculation about a possible agreement for hostage release arose after US President Joe Biden stated that it was already “very, very close.” However, the spokesman for Israel’s Defense Forces emphasized that if an agreement occurs, Israeli authorities will first inform the families of Hamas captives before making any news public. According to Hamas leader Ismail Haniye and Qatar, which is acting as a mediator, a truce agreement with Israel is “close” and both sides are in the final phase. The impact of this potential agreement on ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas remains uncertain as events unfold.

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