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New WHO Regional Director Brings Excitement and Optimism to Polio Eradication Efforts in Eastern Mediterranean Region

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Health Ministers Gather in Crucial Year for Polio Eradication – Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI)

Health ministers from the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region recently gathered virtually for the 10th meeting of the Regional Subcommittee on Polio Eradication and Outbreaks. The gathering marked the first time the Subcommittee was convened by the new WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, Dr. Hanan Balkhy.

During the meeting, Dr. Balkhy praised the commitment of her predecessors to ending polio in the region and expressed excitement about continuing their work towards eradicating the disease. She emphasized the importance of working together and implementing effective strategies to combat its spread.

The ministers discussed how Dr. Balkhy’s leadership could benefit not only their countries but also bring them closer to a polio-free world. They highlighted that polio remains a significant challenge in many parts of the region, with outbreaks occurring despite efforts to vaccinate children against it.

One participant, His Excellency Mr. Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Oweis, Minister of Health and Prevention of United Arab Emirates, represented by Dr Hussain Al Rand, commended Dr Balkhy’s vision and expertise leading regional efforts towards eradicating polio in his country, stressing that such efforts are crucial not only for UAE but also for entire region and beyond.

Overall, health ministers in Eastern Mediterranean Region were dedicated to achieving a polio-free future through continued collaboration and action towards this goal. The regional efforts led by Dr Balkhy aim to make significant strides in combatting polio and ensuring a better future for all children around the world.

The meeting provided an opportunity for health ministers from different countries in eastern Mediterranean region to share ideas on how to accelerate progress towards a polio-free world by implementing effective strategies against its spread, emphasizing on teamwork as vital key to achieve this goal ultimately.

By Samantha Nguyen

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