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NFL’s Christmas Day Doubleheader: Balancing Tradition and Profit in Professional Sports

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Roger Goodell clarifies that Wednesday football will not become a regular occurrence

The NFL has announced that it will hold a doubleheader on Christmas Day in 2024, reversing its previous decision not to play on the holiday when it falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that this decision is driven by financial opportunities and that the league will only schedule games on Wednesdays when Christmas falls on that day.

However, Goodell also emphasized that playing on Wednesdays will not become a regular occurrence, and the league’s flexibility in scheduling games is solely for financial gain. Critics have raised concerns about the increased injury risk associated with playing games in quick succession, such as Thursday night matches. However, the NFL has pointed to statistics showing that the injury rate remains consistent whether teams play from Sunday to Thursday or Sunday to Sunday.

The NFL’s willingness to prioritize financial gain over traditional game-day scheduling reflects the growing importance of revenue in professional sports. The league’s ability to adapt and innovate when it comes to scheduling demonstrates its commitment to maximizing profits and staying competitive in a rapidly changing sports landscape.

In conclusion, while some may see this decision as a departure from traditional holiday scheduling, it is clear that the NFL’s primary concern is generating revenue. This flexibility allows the league to adapt and explore new game days, ultimately leading to more profits and a stronger competitive edge in professional sports.

By Samantha Nguyen

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