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Norway Takes Gold in 12.5 km Pursuit for Second Year in a Row at IBU World Championships Men’s Event


Feb 11, 2024
JT Boe successfully defends his World Championship Pursuit title

Gold medalist Johannes Thingnes Boe from Norway won the 12.5 km Pursuit at the IBU World Championships Men’s event for the second year in a row. Despite starting with three early penalties, Boe was able to clean the final standing stage and secure his victory with a time of 32:36.9. His teammate Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen led the race but missed twice in the last standing, falling from first place.

Boe expressed that winning was a hard-fought battle and meant a lot to him, admitting that it was not an easy task. The final two shootings were particularly challenging due to wind and nerves, but Boe remained focused and aimed towards the center to secure his victory. He also mentioned that he had not thought about winning a Gold medal beforehand but that it was his dream come true.

Norway once again swept the podium in this event, just like they did yesterday in the sprint race. Sturla Holm Laegreid switched places with Boe to win the Silver medal, finishing 28.7 seconds behind him. Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen also finished on the podium, winning his second Bronze medal despite missing twice in both events, 38.5 seconds behind Laegreid.

This was Christiansen’s first individual IBU WCH medal before this weekend’s competition, and he attributed his success to having great skis on this particular day.

Overall, Norway’s dominance continues as they continue their impressive streak at IBU World Championships Men’s events.

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