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Open to Change: The Korean Government’s Response to Medical Community Protests and Implications for the Healthcare Sector”.

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 3, 2024
South Korea adopts more conciliatory stance on decision to raise medical quotas

The Korean government is open to changing its medical school admission policy if a better proposal is presented, according to the Minister of Internal Affairs. This statement was made by Interior Minister Lee Sang-min during a government response meeting on April 3rd, amidst ongoing conflicts with the medical community. He emphasized that government policies are always open to change if better opinions with strong rationale are provided.

Many major hospitals in South Korea have scaled back surgeries and services due to the majority of intern doctors resigning in protest since February of the previous year. The strike by intern doctors has had a significant impact on the healthcare system in Korea, with medical professors at university hospitals reducing their hours and some tertiary hospitals limiting services due to staffing shortages.

While there are no clear indications of the government reversing its decision to increase medical school enrollment targets, it remains open to negotiating with doctors to find a united and reasonable solution. The country’s intern doctors have been on strike since February 20th, protesting the government’s plan to increase medical school admission quotas by 2,000. This initiative aims to address the aging population and increase the number of healthcare professionals in vital fields. However, striking doctors argue that this move will compromise the quality of education and medical services, leading to an oversupply of doctors. They suggest that officials should focus on increasing compensation and rewards for doctors to ensure their security in the industry.

The ongoing dispute between the government and the medical community highlights the challenges faced by the healthcare sector in Korea and the need for collaborative solutions to ensure continued provision of quality medical care to

By Samantha Nguyen

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