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Pakistan lags behind in AI race


Mar 17, 2023


President Arif Alvi has mentioned that artificial intelligence (AI) has develop into the second most crucial aspect in each and every sector of economy as it guarantees development by leaps and bounds.

Speaking at the “4th Pakistan Artificial Intelligence Summit 2023” in Islamabad on Thursday, Alvi mentioned virtually no enterprise and profession could develop with no adopting AI, cloud computing and info technologies (IT).

“This (AI) offers a more quickly development path to Pakistan’s economy than the world’s quickest bullet train. If we get on it (AI train), the planet will be opened for us.”

Cyber safety and information analytics provide enormous possibilities to firms and folks, he highlighted, adding that advancement towards 4G and 5G was a enormous improvement for fast financial development in Pakistan.

“Cyber safety needs 80 million specialists about the planet more than the subsequent 5 to six years. There is a important quantity of information readily available, but there is a lack of skilled people today to analyse and make the very best use of it,” remarked the president.

In spite of repeated statements from higher-ups, info and communication technologies (ICT) authorities have mixed feelings about the government’s efforts to boost AI as some show self-confidence though other people stay sceptical.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, startup investment specialist Kapeel Kumar mentioned that AI development in Pakistan was gaining some ground as the policy had been drafted in such a way exactly where private-sector enterprises had got considerable influence.

On the other hand, “the government’s readiness remains a challenge with zero concentrate on AI education, which puts a huge query mark more than development in this region. Devoid of educating youth in the field of IT, we can not accomplish our objectives and make factors sustainable in the extended run,” he added.

The Covid-19 pandemic has underlined the urgent require for adopting digital technologies, green transition and AI-primarily based models to address public wellness management challenges that could emerge in the wake of a pandemic.

“Unfortunately, Pakistanis are slow in the race for AI supremacy,” Kumar mentioned, adding that regardless of its significant population and abundance of organic sources, the nation had lagged behind other nations in the improvement and adoption of AI technologies.

Calling it a big concern, he pointed out that Pakistan risked getting left behind in worldwide economy if it did not make concerted efforts to stay competitive in the quickly altering planet.

“Artificial intelligence systems may possibly be successfully utilised to monitor incidents and set management requirements and processes,” commented JS Worldwide ICT analyst Waqas Ghani Kukaswadia though speaking to The Express Tribune. “They may possibly also be utilised to assure cyber safety in order to stay clear of on the web fraud.”

Governments may possibly employ AI technologies to deal with huge information to undertake study to uncover frequent resident demands, minimise management expense and optimise the provision of solutions, emphasised the JS analyst.

Speaking at the conference, Minister for Arranging, Improvement and Specific Initiatives Ahsan Iqbal declared that Pakistan was protected from any default-like scenario.

“We are virtually inching out of crisis. Gradually and steadily, each and every passing day, we are receiving closer to the point of stability exactly where vulnerabilities will be overcome,” he mentioned.

“In the subsequent two to 3 years, we will take methods to stabilise Pakistan’s economy permanently.”

The minister was of the view that Pakistan could develop into the third largest nation in terms of IT freelancers, adding “AI specialists will address the country’s (chronic) troubles.”

AI and the private sector would assist to accomplish the preferred export levels, mentioned the minister. “We (the government) will make all the investment necessary to make infrastructure competitive.”

Ministry of IT and Telecom Member International Coordination Ajmal Anwar Awan mentioned that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had provided the ministry the target to boost Pakistan’s exports to $50 billion a year in the subsequent handful of years.

He stressed that digital technologies had develop into essential for financial development for the reason that technologies could quick forward the nation and assist multiply development in each and every field of economy like textile and other manufacturing sectors.

“We are operating with China to create a digital corridor below the China-Pakistan Financial Corridor (CPEC),” he remarked.

Sharing his views, P@SHA Vice Chairman Khuram Rahat mentioned that the adoption of IT sparked a debate that it would make people today jobless, but contrary to that technologies had made extra employment possibilities.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 17th, 2023.

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