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Peter Malnati’s Valspar Championship Win Sparks Conversations Over Full vs Limited Fields in Golf

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 25, 2024
Rex & Lav: The Impactful Valspar Win Symbolizes Wider Concerns

Peter Malnati’s win at the Valspar Championship came as a surprise to many, making him the first PGA Tour policy board player director to win this season. In this episode, senior writers Rex Hoggard and Ryan Lavner delve into why Malnati’s victory represents the ongoing battle between limited and full fields on the Tour. They also analyze Cam Young’s collapse on the 18th hole and his struggles to secure a win on Tour so far. Additionally, they raise concerns about Justin Thomas as he approaches the Masters.

The podcast covers various topics, starting with Lavner’s return from vacation and a recap of Steve Sands’ recent appearance on the show. The hosts delve into the lack of accountability for Cam Young’s recent setback and highlight Scottie Scheffler’s exceptional performance, which is causing other players to reassess their games. They explore the significance of Malnati’s win in the broader context of the Tour and consider whether a world tour era would lose its appeal without journeymen like Malnati.

The conversation also touches on Malnati’s victory as a Tour policy board member and the potential implications of his success in that role. The hosts share their concerns about Justin Thomas’ form leading up to the Masters and discuss what’s cooking on the grill as well as their Puerto Rico detox. Overall, the episode provides a comprehensive analysis of recent events in the world of professional golf and raises thought-provoking questions about the future of the sport.

In summary, Peter Malnati’s win at Valspar Championship was a surprising event that has sparked discussions among golf enthusiasts about various issues affecting professional golf. Senior writers Rex Hoggard and Ryan Lavner have analyzed this topic in-depth, discussing how Malnati’s victory highlights ongoing debates over limited vs full fields on tour, Cam Young’s struggles to secure wins despite his exceptional play, Justin Thomas’ form leading up to Masters tournament and much more.

By Samantha Nguyen

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