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Planboo: Closing a $1.1 Million Funding Round to Scale Sustainable Biochar Production in the Tropics

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 25, 2024
Planboo Secures $1.1M in Funding to Expand Biochar Production Using MRV Technology

Planboo, a startup that focuses on tracking and scaling biochar production in the Tropics, has reached a significant milestone by successfully closing its latest funding round. The company raised over $1.1 million in support from investors such as Katapult, Silverstrand Capital, Rockstart, Imaginal Seeds, and 8+ Ventures.

Planboo’s approach to biochar production is transparent and flexible thanks to digital MRV technology. This technology is designed to be adaptable to different types of kilns and biomass, making it easier for projects to scale up in various tropical locations simultaneously. Planboo’s dMRV tool plays a crucial role in remote tracking and auditing of biochar production and application, reducing tracking time, minimizing human error, and ensuring transparency in the supply chain.

In addition to its digital MRV technology, Planboo also utilizes hardware such as the IoT Greenbox to automate data collection from biochar production. This enables real-time verification of carbon credits from anywhere, further enhancing transparency and accountability.

With a mission to remove 1 billion tonnes of CO2 by 2050, Planboo is paving the way for sustainable carbon removal practices in the biochar sector. Investors like Katapult VC and Imaginal Seeds have expressed their support for Planboo’s efforts to drive innovation and make a positive impact in the global biochar market.

The recent investment in Planboo demonstrates that investors have confidence in the company’s strategy for unlocking biochar carbon removal credits from remote tropical regions. With its transparent approach, efficient tracking system and innovative technologies such as dMRV tool and IoT Greenbox, Planboo is leading the way towards a more sustainable future by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through Biochar production process.

By Samantha Nguyen

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