• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Police Crackdown on Slovenian Child Sex Trafficking Ring


Nov 21, 2023

Croatian authorities are conducting a thorough investigation into the possession and distribution of child pornography after seizing more than 50 digital devices from eight suspects. The investigation aims to determine how many crimes were committed, whether the suspects shared photos depicting child pornography and how they obtained the images. One suspect has been arrested, and a child was saved in an international operation that targeted Croatian pedophiles.

In Slovenia, eight citizens have been arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing children over the internet. The country’s authorities have revealed that the suspects were connected to each other and used multiple online platforms to share pornographic material depicting sexual abuse of minors. Slovenian law prohibits sentences of up to eight years in prison for these offenses.

Montenegro also participated in an international campaign against child pornography by arresting three individuals in an operation called “Temid.” The Montenegrin police aimed to protect minors and prevent the exchange or distribution of pornographic material created by minors.

The main suspects in both countries accessed the dark web to obtain material depicting sexual abuse of children and used cryptocurrency to make purchases, concealing their actions and identities. Digital devices and evidence are being analyzed as part of the ongoing investigation into their crimes.

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