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Protecting Science and Democracy: The Importance of Independent Public Decision-Making in Communities”.

BySamantha Nguyen

May 28, 2024
The Relationship Between Science and Democracy: A Perspective from the Union of Concerned Scientists

Public decisions are made every day that affect communities in various ways. These decisions include laws, regulations, and other policy choices that can either make communities safer, healthier, fairer and better prepared for the future. However, these decisions must be based on facts and evidence and should include input from all members of the community. Science plays a crucial role in informing policy choices through providing necessary evidence and research while democracy ensures that all voices are heard in the decision-making process.

Unfortunately, powerful interests do not always align with the public interest. As a result, science and democracy often come under attack from those seeking to protect their own bottom line or political power. These attacks have harmful consequences, particularly for communities already facing significant challenges such as communities of color and those living in poverty.

The Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists is dedicated to promoting strong independent public science, transparent democracy, justice for overburdened communities, and the effective use of science in policymaking for the common good. By supporting the work of this organization, individuals can help ensure that public decisions are grounded in facts, evidence and the voices of all community members.

By Samantha Nguyen

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