• Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Puka Nacua Sets Breakneck Speed in Catching Passes


Sep 19, 2023
Puka Nacua Sets Breakneck Speed in Catching Passes

Rams rookie Puka Nacua has produced an unprecedented start out to his profession in the NFL. In his initially game, he produced an impressive ten catches, and followed it up with an even much more impressive 15 catches in his second game. These outstanding performances have not only set a new NFL rookie record for catches in a game, but also a new record for the most catches in the initially two games of a player’s NFL profession.

When it may possibly be unlikely for Nacua to keep this extraordinary pace, even coming close to it would enable him to break various NFL records. If he continues to typical 12.five catches per game, Nacua has the prospective to catch a staggering 213 passes in a 17-game season. At the moment, the NFL record for catches in a season is 149, held by Michael Thomas in 2019, even though the rookie record stands at 104, accomplished by Jaylen Waddle in 2021.

In terms of getting yards, Nacua has totaled 266 yards in his initially two games, equating to an typical of 133 yards per game. If he have been to sustain this price, he could accumulate a outstanding two,261 yards more than a 17-game season. The existing NFL record for getting yards in a season is 1,964, set by Calvin Johnson in 2012, and the rookie record sits at 1,473, established by Bill Groman in 1960.

Thinking about that Nacua was a fifth-round choose and didn’t have a especially outstanding college profession at Washington and BYU, it was initially anticipated that he would just be competing for a roster spot as a rookie. Even so, his exceptional performances have shattered these expectations. Nacua now seems to be on track to have a single of the most extraordinary rookie seasons in the history of the NFL.