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Rapist on the Run: How a Northern Virginia Man’s Violent Spree Led to His Arrest and Raised Concerns about Public Safety

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 26, 2024
Woman allegedly held captive and raped in her Virginia business, according to police – NBC4 Washington

A Northern Virginia man, Kevin Lopez-Altan, 24, of Annandale, was arrested last week for a heinous act that involved raping a woman inside her business and attempting to sexually assault a student on a college campus the next day. According to Fairfax County police, Lopez-Altan showed up at the Annandale business before it opened, where he held a 59-year-old woman captive. Despite her attempts to thwart him, he forced his way inside and attacked her repeatedly for several hours. However, the victim managed to escape and call the police, although the attacker had fled the scene.

After investigating and identifying Lopez-Altan as a suspect, Fairfax County police learned that the Northern Virginia Community College Police Department was also looking for him in connection to a separate attack on a student. The 20-year-old woman was able to fight off her attacker with the help of a passerby. A campus police officer recognized the suspect due to tattoos and a distinct way of rubbing his fingers, identifying him as the same person involved in the earlier crime.

Lopez-Altan was known to frequent various shopping centers in Annandale, which led to his arrest at Heritage Center Friday afternoon. Facing 10 felony charges, including three counts of rape, three counts of forcible sodomy, and abduction with intent to defile, Lopez-Altan is currently held without bond. Authorities are concerned about the possibility of other victims who may not have reported their experiences with Lopez-Altan.

In addition to these charges, Lopez-Altan is also facing charges related to an attempted sexual assault on another individual in Fairfax City earlier this year. The victim managed to escape from their attacker but sustained injuries during the incident.

Lopez-Altan’s arrest has raised concerns about safety in both Annandale and Fairfax City. Fairfax County Police Chief Ed Roessler stated that “We will continue working closely with our law enforcement partners throughout Northern Virginia to ensure public safety.” He urged anyone who has information or concerns about potential criminal activity in their area to contact local authorities immediately.

The community is being encouraged by authorities not only report any suspicious activities they observe but also work together towards creating safer neighborhoods for everyone by raising awareness about such incidents like this one that can lead us into complacency if we do not take action against it.

By Samantha Nguyen

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