• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Real Madrid Announces Departure of Modric: Reportedly Receiving 120 Million Euros per Year


Nov 20, 2023

It seems that Luka Modrić, the 38-year-old Real Madrid midfielder, is set to leave the team at the end of the season. This comes after he lost his starting position to 20-year-old English wonder Jude Bellingham this season. There are rumors that Modrić may move to Saudi Arabia, where former teammates are reportedly ready to welcome him with open arms. If this happens, it could earn him an incredible amount of money – up to 120 million euros per season or 360 million over three years.

Another notable departure from Real Madrid is Karim Benzema, who has left to join Al-Ittihad. Modrić has only started five out of 17 games this season and did not play in two of them at all. He ranks fourteenth in terms of minutes played in 15 matches, with only injured players behind him. Despite this, it’s unlikely that Real Madrid will agree to release him in January, as their leadership has confirmed that they do not offer contracts longer than one year to players over thirty years old. However, it’s clear that Modrić is seeking a new challenge and looking for a fresh start elsewhere.

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