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Resurfacing Project Causes Struggles for Lathrup Village Businesses, Owners Voice Concerns over Economic Impact

BySamantha Nguyen

May 16, 2024
Frustration mounts for Metro Detroit business owners as road construction in Lathrup Village slows foot traffic

Lathrup Village businesses are struggling with the ongoing resurfacing project on Southfield Road between 11 Mile and 12 Mile roads. Jay Lee, owner of Munson Cleaners for 25 years, has seen a significant impact on his business since the construction began on April 29. He stated that the project has affected his employees, supplies, and overall operations, leading to a decline in business.

Across the street from Munson Cleaners, Tara Young, owner of 44 Burrito, expressed similar concerns about the construction project. She noted that the dinner rush has declined significantly since the project started, leading to an 80% drop in business. Young mentioned that the construction has forced her to reconsider her marketing strategies and focus on social media advertising to attract customers due to the lack of foot traffic in the area.

Despite these challenges faced by local businesses in Lathrup Village, there have been no updates from Oakland County Road Commission about the status of the project. It is expected to be completed by early summer, but many owners are concerned about its impact on their businesses. Luke Laster, a Marine City native who recently joined CBS News Detroit team highlighted these struggles faced by local businesses in Lathrup Village due to ongoing road construction.

In recent years, Lathrup Village has become known for its vibrant restaurant scene and small businesses. However, this resurfacing project is causing issues for many owners in the area. They hope that once it’s complete they can bounce back from this setback and continue to grow their businesses in this community.

By Samantha Nguyen

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