• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Revolutionary Test of Finnish Electric Fuel in a Tractor


Nov 21, 2023

On Tuesday, Nokia will conduct a test drive with a tractor equipped with a diesel engine, which will be refueled with electric fuel. This is the first time that electric fuel made from green hydrogen and carbon dioxide will be used in vehicle use on this scale.

VTT’s project, which started in 2021 and received EUR 3.3 million in funding from Business Finland, aims to replace fossil diesel fuel in areas that are difficult to electrify, such as heavy road traffic and shipping. The fuel can also be used in work machines.

The test drive will take place at the factory of Agco Power, which manufactures diesel engines, in Nokia. During the test drive, the fuel consumption and emissions from the exhaust gases will be measured to determine the usability of the fuel for practical operation.

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