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Revolutionizing Dental Care for Veterans: A Deep Dive into VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System’s General Practice Residency Program


Feb 13, 2024
General Practice Dentistry Residency Program at VA Pittsburgh Health Care

The VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System’s General Practice Residency is a one-year advanced dental educational program that meets the requirements of the Commission on Dental Accreditation. Its main goal is to prepare residents to manage the total oral health care of patients with a wide variety of needs, including complex health issues. Residents gain an understanding of the relationship between oral and systemic health while collaborating with other health professionals in a hospital setting.

The residency program begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th of the following year. Residents are supervised by a dedicated attending staff, which includes full-time general dentists, an oral surgeon, a prosthodontist, and part-time endodontists and periodontists. They provide comprehensive dental care to veterans, giving residents exposure to most aspects of general dentistry. The program also offers advanced experiences in endodontics, periodontal surgery, prosthodontics, implant placement and restoration, and oral surgery.

In areas where clinical experience is not available, such as in pediatrics and orthodontics, the program has a strong didactic curriculum to supplement learning. Monthly literature reviews and patient care conferences help to strengthen residents’ decision-making abilities and clinical understanding. As part of the program, residents are also required to do off-service rotations in general medicine and anesthesiology, providing further opportunities to work with medically and psychiatrically complex patients.

VA Pittsburgh emphasizes high-quality, patient-centered care and expects residents to enthusiastically support its mission to serve veterans as part of an integrated health care team. This program is designed to provide a comprehensive educational experience that prepares residents for a successful career in general dentistry.

The General Practice Residency at VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System is an excellent opportunity for dental professionals who want to gain hands-on experience in managing complex oral health issues while working collaboratively with other healthcare professionals in a hospital setting.

Residents will have access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology while working under the guidance of experienced attending staff who will be available throughout their one-year residency program.

During their time at VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System’s General Practice Residency Program, participants will learn how to diagnose and treat various oral diseases using evidence-based practices while also developing important skills such as communication skills

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