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Revolutionizing French Agriculture: Government Drafts Bill to Enhance Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Farming Practices

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 3, 2024
Content of the draft agriculture law presented to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday

The French government is set to discuss and adopt a draft orientation law on agriculture, centered on “food sovereignty” and the “renewal of generations”, in the summer. This text has been revised following the agricultural crisis to address farmers’ demands, who have been critical of red tape and certain environmental standards. The political journey leading up to this moment has been tumultuous, with Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announcing over 400 million euros in emergency aid and opening discussions on 67 “commitments” with farmers to emphasize the importance of agriculture.

One of the key aspects of the new law is the recognition of agriculture and fishing as being of “major general interest” alongside aquaculture. This designation aims to guide decisions on agricultural projects and disputes, ensuring that public policies contribute to enhancing food security without burdening farmers. The bill also addresses challenges faced by the sector, such as attracting new workers, adapting production systems to climate change, and reducing procedural delays in cases of litigation related to irrigation projects and livestock buildings.

To promote biodiversity and environmental protection, efforts will be made to simplify regulations regarding the planting and preservation of hedges. In cases of environmental damage caused by agricultural activities, criminal sanctions will be replaced with administrative penalties to encourage ecological restoration rather than punitive measures. Additionally, the bill includes provisions for creating a new agro bachelor diploma program, establishing a national network for agricultural services to support new installations, and allowing for the formation of agricultural land investment groups to facilitate access to land for new farmers.

The draft law aims to address key issues facing France’s agricultural sector while maintaining its export markets for products like cereals, wines, and dairy. However, some agricultural unions have expressed concerns about its lack of ambition in terms of addressing climate change adaptation measures while others have expressed concerns about its impact on food sovereignty. As such it is likely that further amendments may be made during its legislative process in parliament.

Overall, this draft law seeks to strengthen France’s food sovereignty while simplifying regulations facing agriculture sector’s actors thus promoting sustainable practices in farming while respecting environment laws .

By Samantha Nguyen

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