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Revolutionizing Horse Racing Wagering: 1/ST Technology Partners with bet365 to Bring ADW to U.S. Customers

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Bet365 Teams Up With 1/ST Technology

Recently, 1/ST Technology and Tier-1 operator bet365 have announced a new partnership that brings horse racing to bet365’s U.S. customers through 1/ST BET. This collaboration will allow bet365 to offer Advance Deposit Wagering on horse racing in U.S. jurisdictions where it is accepted, both on their website and mobile app.

Keith Johnson, Chief Revenue Officer at 1/ST Technology, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that it is a great opportunity to work with one of the top brands in sports betting. This partnership will allow 1/ST BET to provide bet365’s customers with a top-notch pari-mutuel horse racing wagering experience.

The collaboration between 1/ST Technology and bet365 is set to enhance the horse racing experience for U.S. customers, bringing the excitement of the sport to a wider audience. This initiative signifies a new era in the sports betting industry, showcasing the potential for innovation and growth in the realm of horse racing wagering.

With this partnership, 1/ST Technology and bet365 are poised to revolutionize the way horse racing is enjoyed in the U.S., introducing new features and experiences that cater to the modern sports betting audience. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the industry, highlighting the potential for further advancements and partnerships in the future.

In conclusion, this partnership between two leading companies in their respective industries signifies a major shift towards innovating and expanding opportunities for horse racing fans in America through online wagering platforms like ADW (Advanced Deposit Wagering). As technology continues to evolve so does our ability to connect people with their favorite activities such as horse racing; making it more accessible than ever before while providing an exceptional user experience for all parties involved!

By Samantha Nguyen

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