• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Revolutionizing Rehabilitation for War Wounded: The Role of NASA’s Innovative Technology


Nov 21, 2023

Professor Isabella Schwartz, the director of the rehabilitation department at the hospital, is excited to announce the arrival of a new device that will revolutionize patient rehabilitation. This device, which was imported from the USA and is the only one of its kind in Jerusalem, allows for incredible therapeutic options for patients.

The device, developed at NASA, works by allowing patients to step slightly and be carried in the air by air that flows from below. This allows them to start putting weight on their foot in a measured and supervised manner almost immediately after surgery. This has led to much faster rehabilitation progress for patients who have been injured in their legs.

Professor Schwartz explained that this device can be used to rehabilitate various types of injuries that have led to a limitation or prevention of walking, such as muscle weakness or balance problems. It can also be used for sports injuries and is even used by top-class athletes. The hospital purchased the device with a donation from Hadassah International Israel.

One patient, Dvir, who was operated on his leg due to a pedicle injury, used the device to return to walking in a normal way. He mentioned that during treatment on the device, he felt like he was walking like before the injury and that it helped him feel like he’s on his way to walking with both feet independently.

Dvir’s determination and desire to move forward are an inspiration to everyone around him. Professor Schwartz noted that this new therapeutic option will help many more patients with their rehabilitation process and she is excited about what it means for her department.

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