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Revolutionizing Wildlife Documentary Production: A Collaboration between BIG MEDIA and ZDF Studios

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 25, 2024
Wild Science, second series for ZDF Studios to be produced by BIG MEDIA

In a thrilling collaboration, leading global production company BIG MEDIA and ZDF Studios, Germany’s premier unscripted channel provider, are set to launch their new documentary series WILD SCIENCE (8 x 60′). The announcement was made by BIG MEDIA co-founder and Global Head of Production Martin Kaše and ZDF Studios’ Director Unscripted Nikolas Huelbusch.

WILD SCIENCE is the second series in the multi-series output deal signed by BIG MEDIA and ZDF Studios in December 2023 for German-speaking territories. This captivating new series delves deep into the world of Earth’s most fearsome predators, providing viewers with an inside look at the intricate behaviors, survival strategies, and unique abilities of each animal. From the depths of the ocean to the heart of the savannah, WILD SCIENCE explores the science behind these remarkable creatures.

The advanced technology utilized in WILD SCIENCE is a testament to BIG MEDIA’s commitment to pushing boundaries in documentary production. Martin Kaše highlighted this cutting-edge technology, stating that they used the latest advances in AI and 3D rendering to transform nature’s creatures into detailed models. Without support from ZDF Studios, this production would not have been possible. Nikolas Huelbusch, Director Unscripted at ZDF Studios, expressed excitement about their involvement in WILD SCIENCE from development to production.

BIG MEDIA and ZDF Studios collaborate on productions like WILD SCIENCE to give them a hands-on approach. According to Huelbusch, this partnership allows for a seamless transition from development to production stages. He believes that viewers will resonate well with this thrilling new series across all territories they serve. Plans for additional licensing deals for WILD SCIENCE beyond German-speaking territories are currently underway.

In conclusion, this collaboration between two leading media companies promises a unique perspective on Earth’s most formidable predators through innovative technology and scientific research.

By Samantha Nguyen

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