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Rise of the Practical and Stylish Tote Bags: Net-a-Porter, Luxury Fashion Resale Platforms and the Future of Tote Bags


Feb 13, 2024
The booming industry of fashion totes: Exploring its widespread popularity

The demand for leather tote bags has surged by a whopping 300% in the past month, as predicted by Net-a-Porter market director Libby Page. This shift indicates a growing preference for larger, utilitarian-style bags that are both practical and stylish.

Data Bridge Market Research forecasts that the tote bag market will reach $3.6 billion by 2030, which is great news for those in the fashion industry. With this increase in demand, it’s clear that consumers are looking for more versatile and durable bags that can be used every day.

While high-ticket luxury totes may still be popular among some consumers, there has been an uptick in demand for affordable options like the $40 LL Bean. This raises the question of whether luxury totes will continue to maintain their popularity as people begin to prioritize practicality and affordability over luxury brands.

According to Fflur Roberts, head of luxury goods at Euromonitor International, luxury totes serve a practical purpose and are also seen as aspirational products. This makes them appealing for those with hybrid lifestyles who need a versatile bag that can carry everything they need.

Gabriel Rylka, founder of Break Archive, a luxury fashion resale platform, has also noticed an increase in demand for larger tote bags. He emphasizes the desire for practicality and utility over micro-trends seen on social media. Many individuals are seeking a bag that can hold their entire life and be used every day for work or other activities.

As fashion trends continue to evolve, it’s clear that consumers are looking for more versatile and durable bags that can fit their busy lifestyles. The rise of luxury versions of these bags raises questions about their place in the market and whether they will continue to be popular among consumers who prioritize affordability and practicality over luxury brands.

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