• Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

Saying Goodbye to Sanford Luverne’s Beloved LPN: A Tribute to Carol Wieneke


Feb 12, 2024
Nurse at Sanford Hospital Retires After Six Decades of Dedicated Service

Carol Wieneke has spent 60 years working as an LPN at Sanford Luverne, and she is known for her caring nature and dedication to her work. Throughout her time at the facility, she has built strong relationships with both patients and staff members, treating everyone like family.

As she prepares to retire from Sanford Luverne, Carol reflects on the many joyful moments she’s experienced during her time there. She believes that if people don’t enjoy their work, they won’t be able to do it well. For Carol, her niche has been people – caring for patients and staff alike.

Cheryl Groen, who has worked with Carol for 13 years, speaks highly of her friend’s character. She describes how much Carol truly cares about both patients and staff members, treating every person with kindness and compassion. Even though it’s not goodbye forever, Groen knows that Carol will always be a dear friend to her. She also knows that Carol will continue to visit the hospital to volunteer and check in on everyone from time to time.

Groen admires Carol’s reputation for keeping her word and being a trustworthy friend. As they say their final goodbyes, Groen knows that she will miss Carol dearly but is grateful for the memories they have shared together over the years.

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