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Science, Art, and Role Models: A Young Niece’s Love for Science and Women in STEM


Feb 11, 2024
2024 International Day of Women and Girls in Science – Celebrating Nerdy Girls

Today marks the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, a day dedicated to celebrating and promoting women’s and girls’ participation and achievements in the field of science. As a journalist covering this topic, I had the opportunity to interview my young niece about her love for science and her role models.

Hannah Beth, who is 7 and three-quarters years old, shares that her favorite activity is art. However, she dreams of becoming a kindergarten teacher or a psychologist when she grows up. Right now, in her science class, she is learning about magnets and is fascinated by how things work around her, such as the human body and how magnets work. When asked about her role models in science, her immediate response was “my MOMMY!”

It’s always heartwarming to hear young girls like Hannah Beth share their love for science and their aspirations for the future. As Nerdy Girl Sara, I stand in solidarity with those working hard to inspire girls across the country to pursue careers in science. At Those Nerdy Girls, we take great pride in our all-woman team and aim to be positive role models for aspiring young girls and women. We encourage them to follow their passions while pursuing careers in STEM fields.

Today’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science serves as a reminder that women have played vital roles throughout history in advancing scientific knowledge. It also highlights the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion within the scientific community.

In conclusion, it’s inspiring to see young children like Hannah Beth expressing an interest in science at such an early age. It reminds us that we must continue to promote STEM education programs that spark curiosity among young minds while also encouraging them to pursue careers that align with their passions.

As journalists covering this topic, we must continue to highlight the achievements of women scientists while also promoting diversity within the scientific community. We can do this by sharing stories like Hannah Beth’s while also showcasing successful women scientists who are making groundbreaking discoveries every day.

Let us celebrate today as we honor women scientists who have made significant contributions throughout history while continuing to inspire future generations of scientists through diverse representation within STEM fields.

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