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Science North Beaver Set to Move to New Facility


Nov 21, 2023

Kash, the resident beaver at Science North in Sudbury, Ont., is about to move to a new facility by the end of this month. The facility was originally constructed to house only one beaver, but Kash’s increasing social needs have led Science North to search for a new home for him. As part of Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums network, Science North is working hard to find a suitable location for Kash. Although they cannot yet disclose the exact location of his new home, it is a facility with which they have collaborated extensively in the past.

Kash has been at Science North since 2016 when he first arrived as a kit. Amy Henson, Science North’s senior scientist, explains that Kash has reached a stage in his life where he requires more interaction with other animals, particularly other beavers. As a result, Science North is actively seeking a new home for him. While there are no immediate plans to replace Kash with another beaver at present, the current enclosure will be used for smaller animals such as turtles and some fish species.

Despite Kash’s departure from Science North, visitors can still enjoy an extensive variety of animals at the center. Henson emphasizes that there will be many more animals for people to explore and learn about. In conclusion, while Kash may be moving on from his current home at Science North, there will always be plenty of opportunities for visitors to discover and learn about different species of animals at this accredited zoo and aquarium network facility in Sudbury, Ont.

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