• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Sector study finds joint overall health positive aspects of cucumber extract containing iminosugar


Mar 17, 2023

The six month observational study of 91 adults with moderate joint overall health challenges, carried out by scientists at the iminosugar analysis firm PhytoQuest Restricted, concludes that just 20 mgs every day of the supplement considerably enhanced a variety of joint overall health scores.

The analysis, published in Existing Rheumatology Testimonials, ​also states that the final results have been dose dependent, so a larger Q-Actin concentration of one hundred mg decreased the OA-connected parameters by a higher extent.

The authors for that reason suggests there could be a personalised supplementation strategy necessary with a distinct dosage for an optimum activity for a offered age.

Discussing the mechanism of action, the authors hypothesise it is due to the anti-inflammatory activity of idoBR1 – the iminosugar amino acid isolated from cucumber.

Q-actin and iminosugars

Q-actin, marketed by the iminosugars developer IminoTech Inc, is a cucumber (Cucumis sativus L​.) extract containing the iminosugar ido-BR1 standardized to &gt 1%. 

Iminosugars are analogues of sugars in which the oxygen​ is replaced by a nitrogen​ atom. This substitution prevents standard metabolism resulting in inhibition of glycosidases​ and glycosyltransferases​.

These compounds are attracting interest as therapeutic agents due to their capacity to interact with human glycosidases, other proteins, and sugar receptors. 

InimoTech says Q-actin functions by inhibiting Tumor Necrosis Aspect alpha (TNF-α), a chemical messenger immune cells release to aid orchestrate immune technique responses to possible threats or broken tissues.

A previously published randomised, double-blinded clinical study​ involving 122 adults reported that 20 mgs of Q-actin every day considerably enhanced joint overall health in comparison with two,700 mgs of glucosamine-chondroitin more than a six-month period. Subjects have been evaluated at 30-day intervals making use of WOMAC, VAS and LFI. Q-actin decreased WOMAC scores by 70% more than six months.

Earlier studies​ showed Q-actin/ido-BR1 decreased LPS-induced pro-inflammatory cytokine tumour necrosis aspect alpha (TNFα) in both ex vivo​ human serum and THP-1 cells. TNFα can drive degenerative adjustments such as in joints when chronically elevated.  Investigation shows that idoBR1 functions in a dose-dependent manner to minimize inflammatory markers, including LPS-induced production of TNFα, IL-six, nitric oxide and the transcription aspect NF-κ​B.

Study Design and style and Benefits

The current study enrolled 101 subjects with moderate osteoarthritis, 91 of which have been evaluable. Subjects have been divided into 3 groups taking a placebo or 20 mgs or one hundred mgs of Q-actin every day for six months. Following a baseline evaluation, subjects have been evaluated at 30-day intervals making use of the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC), the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) and Lequesne’s Functional Index (LFI).

Each Q-actin groups knowledgeable substantial reductions in discomfort and improvements in other joint function parameters at each point of the study by each evaluation technique.  For instance, subjects taking 20 mgs every day of Q-actin knowledgeable a 32% improvement in WOMAC scores more than six months, compared with a five% improvement for the placebo group. The Q-actin overall health positive aspects have been dose dependent. The WOMAC score of the one hundred milligram-group enhanced 39% more than the duration of the study.

Shil Kothari, IminoTech Chief Executive Officer states: “It is outstanding that a every day serving of only 20 mgs of Q-actin created substantial improvements in joint function, like the capacity to full every day activities such as making use of stairs, buying and functioning at property.

“Q-actin’s every day serving size is a modest fraction of top joint overall health dietary supplement components. It opens the door to several new joint overall health solution formats and applications.”


Supply: Existing Rheumatology Testimonials

DOI: 10.2174/1573397119666230206105703

Standardised ido-BR1 Cucumber Extract Enhanced Parameters Linked to Moderate Osteoarthritis in a Placebo-controlled Study​.

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