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Shawarmar Middle Eastern Cuisine: Overcoming Adversity with Community Support

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 25, 2024
Local business faces a series of unfortunate events

Shawarmar Middle Eastern Cuisine is a beloved eatery in Kansas City, founded six years ago by owner Abeer Jari. Jari brought her passion for the flavors of her hometown in Saudi Arabia to the city, and Shawarmar has become a local favorite ever since.

Unfortunately, the restaurant recently faced a setback when an uninsured driver hit their sign and building on Christmas Eve. Despite these challenges, Jari remains determined to keep her dream alive. She is working hard to overcome the obstacles presented by the accident and ongoing construction in the area.

One of the most significant challenges facing Shawarmar is losing business due to the broken sign that gives the impression that they are closed. This has impacted their customer traffic and made it difficult for them to attract new customers.

Despite these difficulties, Jari’s husband started a GoFundMe campaign to help cover repair costs. However, Jari encourages people to support the business by trying their food and experiencing the unique flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine. She believes that supporting local businesses is essential for keeping communities strong and vibrant.

Jari remains optimistic about Shawarmar’s future and hopes that with community support, they can continue to serve delicious Middle Eastern dishes for many years to come. She invites everyone who has not tried their food yet to visit Shawarmar today and taste the difference that good ingredients and expert preparation can make in every dish.

In conclusion, Shawarmar Middle Eastern Cuisine is a small shop located near Main Street in Kansas City facing challenges due to an uninsured driver hitting their sign and building on Christmas Eve. Despite these setbacks, owner Abeer Jari remains determined to keep her dream alive by providing quality food and service to her community while encouraging others’ support through GoFundMe campaigns or simply trying out their unique flavors!

By Samantha Nguyen

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