• Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

Sheba Medical Center Revolutionizes Patient Diagnosis with Advanced AI Technology developed by Start-Up Imagene


Feb 13, 2024
Advancements in Israeli technology: AI-assisted biopsy

The Sheba Medical Center has implemented a new technology developed by imagene, a promising Tel Aviv start-up company founded in 2020. This technology utilizes artificial intelligence to quickly identify characteristics of cancerous tumors through digital scanning of biopsies.

The first phase of implementation began with the application of the technology to cancerous tumors, after the center switched from traditional glass-based transfer of biopsies to digital scanning. The use of this technology has allowed for faster and more accurate diagnosis, allowing doctors to provide quick answers to patients even when they are not in the laboratory.

Prof. Iris Brashak, director of the pathology laboratory at Sheba and chairman of the Israeli Pathology Association, explains that since switching to digital scanning, they can view samples from anywhere in the world and consult with experts globally. This has created a revolution in pathology by allowing for faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment options for patients.

The computers at the pathology laboratory now work overtime, scanning thousands of algorithms to identify tumor characteristics and mutations within a few minutes. This initial answer is then checked as a precautionary measure before being forwarded to oncologists for treatment options. The use of this advanced technology has allowed for significant improvements in patient outcomes and saved lives at Sheba Medical Center.

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