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Sherry Pollex’s Passing Grieves NASCAR Neighborhood Worldwide


Sep 19, 2023
Sherry Pollex’s Passing Grieves NASCAR Neighborhood Worldwide

NASCAR drivers are recognized for reaching rock-star status by way of their capabilities on the track and their personalities off the track. Nevertheless, there are uncommon situations exactly where an individual who is not a driver reaches the very same level of fame. Sherry Pollex is a single of these folks.

As the daughter of former Xfinity and Cup group owner Greg Pollex, Sherry worked in the sector in many roles prior to beginning her personal boutique. She was also the longtime girlfriend of Martin Truex Jr. and played a key function in the charitable events of the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation. 1 of the foundation’s largest events was the Catwalk For A Lead to, exactly where youngsters recovering from cancer would stroll the aisle showcasing their clothing and dance moves. More than time, the occasion grew with drivers joining the children, producing it a single of the most prominent charity events in NASCAR.

Nevertheless, anything took on a deeper which means when Pollex was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2014. In spite of her ongoing battle with cancer, the NASCAR sector rallied about her and her efforts. She launched the Sherry Sturdy campaign to raise funds for ovarian cancer study and even had paint schemes committed to her causes. In addition, she delivered a memorable command to start off the engines at Bristol two years ago.

Pollex’s story was lately featured by Tom Rinaldi for the duration of the pre-race show of the 2022 Daytona 500. Sadly, Pollex passed away on Sunday morning at the age of 44. In the wake of her passing, NASCAR drivers and the sector paid tribute to her on social media.

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