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Shining a Light on Luna Mosaic Arts


Sep 19, 2023
Shining a Light on Luna Mosaic Arts

Cherie Bosela, owner of Luna Mosaic Arts, shares her talent and passion via her mosaic artwork and workshops. Situated at 813 Virginia Drive, her art studio is a spot exactly where anybody can appreciate and knowledge the beauty of mosaic art.

Bosela’s journey into the planet of mosaics started even though studying art at the University of Central Florida. While she initially threw away her very first mosaic creation, deeming it “hideous,” she didn’t give up on her passion. Alternatively, she attended an art conference in 2011, which opened her eyes to the possibility of turning her passion into a small business.

With newfound inspiration, Bosela took the leap and quit her complete-time job at a coin shop to open Luna Mosaic Arts in 2016. Initially, the studio was intended as a space for Bosela to function on substantial installation pieces and private orders. On the other hand, more than time, her small business expanded to contain a mosaic-supplies shop and month-to-month workshops with artists from about the planet.

Bosela’s artistic inspiration comes from her each day life. 1 of her preferred stained-glass pieces, titled “The Guardian,” was inspired by a giant spider she observed developing a net across her front door. In the early days of her art profession, Bosela frequently developed mosaics depicting a variety of bugs, earning her the nickname “Bug Lady.” She even requires photographs of bugs she encounters for reference in her artwork.

At present, Bosela is functioning on an impressive 800-square-foot mural for the Jacksonville International Airport. The mural will showcase a plane-view landscape spanning from Georgia to just beyond Jacksonville, Florida. This project is a testament to Bosela’s dedication and talent as a mosaic artist.

By way of Luna Mosaic Arts, Cherie Bosela not only sells her personal artwork and mosaic supplies but also creates a space exactly where other folks can find out and appreciate the art of mosaics. Her passion shines via in each and every piece she creates, and she continues to inspire other folks with her talent and dedication.