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Starbucks Launches New Initiative, Starbucks Studios: How Brands Are Shifting Towards Entertainment Marketing

BySamantha Nguyen

Jun 11, 2024
Starbucks Ventures into Hollywood with Exciting New Partnership

Starbucks has announced the launch of its new initiative, Starbucks Studios, which aims to create original entertainment content that showcases stories and individuals making a positive impact on the world. Through this partnership with Sugar23, led by Michael Sugar, known for producing Oscar-winning films “Spotlight,” Starbucks Studios will develop new projects.

Over the past year, Sugar has been emphasizing the importance of brands co-creating and owning entertainment as a more effective marketing strategy than traditional advertisements. This approach has already proven successful with brands like AB InBev in 2023 and Procter & Gamble’s collaboration with Time Studios and Trevor Noah’s Day Zero Productions on the docuseries “The Tipping Point.”

Starbucks initially dipped its toes into original entertainment in 2016 with “Upstanders,” a series highlighting stories of individuals driving positive change. This was followed by “Hingakawa” in 2019, a documentary short about a coffee co-op uniting communities in post-genocide Rwanda. “This is Football,” released on Amazon Prime Video, further solidified Starbucks’ presence in the entertainment sphere.

As traditional advertising’s influence has diminished, many marketers are shifting towards creating content that resembles editorial or entertainment. By forging partnerships with entertainment entities like Starbucks Studios, brands can establish unique connections with consumers through innovative storytelling methods. Sugar lauded Starbucks for its bold move, noting the shift towards entertainment as a new loyalty program disguised as content.

The rise of ad-supported tiers on streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix, as well as collaborative efforts between Apple, Amazon and marketers have further encouraged brands to explore entertainment ventures. Production companies such as Sugar23 are embracing this trend by working closely with brands to generate additional revenue streams in an increasingly competitive entertainment landscape. With other industry players like Imagine Entertainment and Hello Sunshine extending their reach into brand collaborations, the future of entertainment marketing appears vibrant and dynamic.

In conclusion, Starbucks joining Hollywood is not just another step but rather a bold move that is expected to set new standards for brand marketing strategies. With its focus on showcasing stories and individuals who make a positive impact on the world through original content creation, Starbucks Studios is set to disrupt the traditional advertising model while establishing unique connections with consumers through innovative storytelling methods.

By Samantha Nguyen

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