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Sydney man surfs 525 waves more than 30 hours to break planet record at Cronulla 


Mar 17, 2023

By Brett Lackey For Day-to-day Mail Australia

01:ten 17 Mar 2023, updated 04:30 17 Mar 2023

  • Blake Johnson has broken record for world’s longest surf 
  • The 40-year-old is raising revenue for mental wellness charities
  • He broke record in 30 hours and kept going to hit 40 hours 

An Australian surfer has just broken the Guinness Globe Record for the longest surf, catching 525 waves through a marathon 30-hours in the water.

Former specialist surfer Blake Johnson, 40, effectively completed the challenge he set for himself to raise revenue and awareness for mental wellness.

Hundreds of supporters and locals packed Cronulla Beach in Sydney as Johnson emerged from the surf at 7:11am Friday morning soon after continuing by way of the evening.

Asked how he felt soon after 30 hours and 11 minutes in the water, an exhausted but delighted Johnson replied: ‘Pretty cooked’.

Dehydration, sleep deprivation, hallucinations and sharks are just some of the dangers involved with the record-breaking surf.

Blake Johnson, 40, broke the planet record for the longest surf when he emerged from the water at Cronulla at 7.11am Friday soon after 30 hours The former pro-surfer, who is raising revenue for mental wellness charities, was greeted by hundreds of supporters on locals on the sand A hug soon after the record breaking surfJohnson stated he felt ‘pretty cooked’

His work has so far raised additional than $230,000 through his World’s Longest Surf internet site which will be provided to the Chumpy Pullin Foundation, named soon after the Olympic snowboarder, and quite a few youth mental wellness organisations.

‘Everyone deserves to really feel great, every person should really take care of themselves,’ he stated on the beach just before turning about and heading back into the waves.

‘I stated I’d do 40 hours,’ he known as back.

He is continuing for a different ten hours by way of Friday to attain the 40 hour mark.

Johnson stated he was finishing the surf for his father and 3 of his pals who sadly lost their mental wellness battles.

‘I push myself to the limits with my adventures to prove to myself I am worthy and can get by way of challenging occasions and that is when my lessons are learnt.’

He caught 525 wavesThe try saw him in the water all through the evening The 40-year-old stated he could run for 40 hours so felt he could also surf for that extended (pictured with his companion) Just after briefly celebrating the record he turned about and went back into the waves since he’s set himself a 40 hour milestone

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