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Telford farm which supplies Walkers Crisps saves income with revolutionary technologies


May 26, 2023

Robin, Justin and Ian Griffiths.

JRO Griffiths is functioning in collaboration with Calibrate Power Engineering and is inviting higher-power use enterprises to its farm in Walcot on June eight.

Robin and Ian Griffiths, brothers at the helm of the progressive agri-company, create 40,000 tonnes of potatoes annually and have been suppliers to Walkers for 3 decades.

The brothers, who operate with the Calibrate heat and chill program, say they have been ahead of the curve in identifying revolutionary eco-technologies as the future player in the sustainability of their company, each in terms of effect on the atmosphere as nicely as profit.

Robin mentioned: “What began as a tiny contract for the family members company with my grandfather in the 1980s has grown significantly larger more than time and we are now a crucial supplier.

“The technologies we use have been an integral component of our company approach to turn into extra environmentally conscious and contribute to a extra sustainable provide chain from field to fork, or in this case, crisp packet.”

The occasion, which will take location amongst 10am and 2pm, will aim to de-mystify renewable technologies and permit other enterprises to see them in action.

There will be chance to see how a simultaneous 4MW heat and chill program, with Calibrate’s clever handle program integrated, controls 14 cool shops, drying floors, a grain dryer, approach lines and website energy management.

Jack Smales, industrial director of Calibrate, component of RSK Group, mentioned: “This technologies is very versatile.

“If you have noticed your electrical energy bills soar, investing in renewables can save income as nicely as the planet.

“At this occasion we are showcasing it in the context of a farm, nevertheless, it would equally be helpful to any higher-power use situation such as workplace blocks, hotels, factories and manufacturing processes and specially enterprises relying on energy twenty 4 hours a day.

“Add to that the need to have for chilling as nicely as heat and the rewards double.”

The occasion is cost-free to attend and contains tours and demos as nicely as refreshments.

E mail information@calibrateltd.co.uk by June five to save a location.

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