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Terrorism in Nigeria: Di deadliest terrorist groups in di planet and why IPOB enta prime ten


Mar 16, 2023

16 March 2023, 09:20 WAT

New Informate 18 minutes wey don pass

Separatist group for Southeastern group for Nigeria, di Indigenous Persons of Biafra (Ipob) don climb attain quantity ten for di group of terorists organisation for di planet for di 1st time.

Boko Haram and di Islamic State of West Africa wey dey be concerned for Northern Nigeria dey lead di list of terrorists group for di planet ranking.

According to di report, 2022 na di year wey Ipob attack pipo nicely nicely. Dia breakdown show say 57 pipo die, 16 pipo wound for 40 attacks.

GTI say some of di killings wey Ipob militants commit, “na di killing of a single Army couple wey dem reduce dia head, diverse northerners for di South East and plenti safety operatives.”

Dem add say deaths wey terrorism lead to for 2022 lower by nine per cent to six,701 and e dey 38 per cent reduced dan di peak for 2015.

“Di fall in deaths na sake of di reduction for di quantity of incidents, as attacks dey fall by nearly 28 per cent from five,463 in 2021 to three,955 in 2022”.

Di report also say Boko Haram na di most risky terrorist group for Nigeria as dem rank quantity seven for di planet.

Final year 204 pipo die from 64 Boko Haram attacks and 51 pipo get diverse injuries.

For di West Africa area na Islamist State of West Africa (ISWAP) dey lead wit 219 death inside 65 attacks wey wound 118 pipo for di area.

Di report also tok say Sahel area for sub-Saharan Africa na di epicentre of terrorism wey account for far more terrorism deaths in 2022 dan each South Asia and di Middle East and North Africa (MENA) combined.

Deaths for di Sahel area constitute 43 per cent of di international total for 2022, compared to just a single per cent for 2007.

“Of unique concern na two nations, Burkina Faso and Mali, wey account for 73 per cent of terrorism deaths for di Sahel in 2022 and 52 per cent of all deaths from terrorism in sub-Saharan Africa.

Di two kontris record substantial increases in terrorism, as deaths for Burkina Faso improve by 50 per cent to 1,135 and for Mali by 56 per cent to 944.

Attacks for dis kontris don dey come to be far more deadly. Di quantity of pipo wey dey die per attack improve by 48 per cent from 2021. Most attacks for dis kontris dey attributed to unknown jihadists even even though each IS and JNIM operate for dis tkontris.

Di improve of violence for Burkina Faso don also spread to neighbouring kontris, Togo and Benin record dia worst GTI scores on record.

Nigeria gomenet declare Ipob as terrorist organisation for 2017, Boko Haram for 2013.

Tori be say na element of Boko Haram group wey split na im type ISWAP for Africa.

Wia dis foto come from, International Terrorism Index

Terrorist groups wey dey prime ten

Di International Terrorism Index report also rank oda terrorist groups for di planet.

According to dem, Islamic State na di most deadly terrorist group with oda groups wey dey collabo with dem.

“IS na nevertheless di deadliest terror group globally for di eighth consecutive year, dem record di most attacks and deaths of any group for 2022.

Dem record 1045 deaths, 410 attacks with 644 injuries.

  • Al- Shabaab na second wit 784 deaths and 315 attacks and 1016 injuries.
  • Islamic State – Khorasan Province (ISK) get 498 deaths and 141 attacks with 832 injuries.
  • Jamaat Nusrat Al-Islam wal Muslimeen (JNIM) record 279 deaths and 77 attacks with 215 pipo wey wound.
  • Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) record 233 deaths, 30 attacks wit 133 injuries.
  • Di Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) na quantity six, dem kill 219 pipo for 65 attacks.
  • Boko Haram get hand for 204 deaths and 64 attacks.
  • Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) record 137 deaths and 90 attacks.
  • Islamic State – Sinai Province kill 71 pipo inside 27 attacks.

‘Di influence wey terroism dey lead to for Nigeria reduce’-GTI

Di Institute for Economics &amp Peace (IEP) na im place togeda dis ranking afta dem use information from TerrorismTracker and oda sources.

TerrorismTracker dey offers occasion records on terrorist attacks considering that 1 January 2007.

Di dataset get nearly 66,000 terrorist incidents for di period 2007 to 2022.

Even even though di figures of terrorist attacks appear like say e higher nicely nicely, GTI say “di influence wey terrorism dey lead to for Nigeria dey decline sake of say total deaths lower by 23 %, e reduce from 497 for 2021 to 385 for 2022.”

Di quantity of terrorist attacks in Nigeria also drop compact wit 120 incidents for 2022 compared to 214 for 2021.

According to dem, dis na di lowest quantity of terror attacks and deaths considering that 2011.

“Di military overtake law enforcement as di most targeted group in 2022. Dem target Military personnel in a quarter of all attacks, followed by civilians at 24%, and law enforcement at 18%. Regardless of dis, half of all terrorism deaths for Nigeria in 2022 have been civilians.

“Civilian deaths improve by 78 per cent from 2021 to 196 deaths although military deaths drop compact, e fall by 74 per cent from 2021 to 58 deaths in 2022.

IS continue to be di deadliest terrorist group for Nigeria for di third consecutive year.

IS record dia lowest quantity of attacks and deaths considering that 2020, at 57 attacks and 211 deaths in 2022, a decline of 28 per cent in attacks and 13 per cent for deaths wen dem evaluate am to di prior year.

Wetin Federal Goment dey do to cease insecurity for Nigeria

For February 2022, Nigeria goment bin tok say dem don torchlight and uncover 96 pipo wey di finance terrorism organisation like Boko Haram and Islamic State of West Africa Province for di kontri.

Nigeria Minister of Details and Culture, Lai Muhammed yarn tori pipo dis a single for Abuja, Nigerian capital wia e dey touch light wetin goment don do to fight corruption.

Di Nigerian Economic Intelligence Unit( NFIU) for 2020-2021 reveal say 96 financier of terrorism and 424 of dia associates and supporters plus 123 providers, 33 Bureau de alter pipo also get hand for di terrorism mata.

E say dem recognize 26 suspected bandits/kidnappers and seven co-conspirators and dem don arrest four suspects wey go quickly face prosecution and goment go sieze dia assets.

Oga Lai say goment don place plenti measure for ground to verify terrorism financing for di kontri and di linking of BVN and National Identification Numbers na element of work to tackle terror financing.

Oga Lai say di NFIU get intelligence exchanges wit Boko Haram, ISWAP, banditary, kidnapping and odas inside 19 kontris and dat for the duration of di similar period, 2020-2021, the organization return tiff moni wey attain US$103,722,102.83, three,000 Pound Sterling 7,695 Singapore Dollar and 1,091 Euros to 11 nations of victims wey enta Naija.

According to am, some of di tins wey Federal Goment dey do to cease insecurity.

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